A 47% Week in Comedy

- Tig Notaro: “My prognosis is great.”

- Shows won Creative Arts Emmys.

- We had a totally real, not a bit conversation with Crystal the Monkey.

- We looked back at Mary Gross’s not gross time on SNL.

- We found the unexpected comedy in the soundtrack to Grease 2.

- We spoke with The Upstairs Gallery about being a home for independent Chicago comedy.

- We watched the comedy doc Goodnight, We Love You.

- We discussed how some comedians use comedy to treat depression.

- We followed @Josh Gondelman on Twitter.

- We wrote the Highlights forum.

- We went to the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival and survived to talk about it.

- We went back to Back to the Future and found its lost roles.

- We talked to Rob Delaney about his new special.

- We peeked inside National Lampoon’s 1964 Kaleidoscope.

- We went into the archives to watch Johnny Carson get roasted.

- We looked at Stephen Colbert’s relationship with religion.

- We offered six fairly obscure British comedies that you might have missed.

And that’s it. J. Kidding. Here are the Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

Inside the Master Class - “Gibberish”

“Emmy Speech Master Class feat. Parker Posey”

Get Your War On - “Trump’s Tweets”

FunnyorDie - “Whatta Man”

Connor Ratliff (Age 37) For President: “Vote For Me, Maybe”

A 47% Week in Comedy