A Funny Thing #25: I Come From You with Christian Capozzoli

Parents. They’re supposed to be our rock, our paragons of sure-handed, stoic capability. Oh, but aren’t they all too human? Maybe no one ever says “divorce”, maybe we still go out to dinner as a family, and maybe this makes as much sense as driving from France to America, but they’ll do it. And maybe, in their desperate all too human effort to hold it all together, to stave off the chaos of the world for just one more precious, fleeting moment, they leave a Buick-wide wake of mutilated animals and stunned children. Perhaps that is just the cost of doing business, the cost of being a parent, the cost of family. A cost that is counted in silence and goose heads.

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Christian Cappozolli is a veteran improviser, storyteller and writer in New York City. Catch him performing live with BUCKY at the UCB and with 4Track at the Magnet Theater. See details and much, much more at christiancapozzoli.com. Christian told this story at Oh, Hey Guys! at the UCBeast.

A Funny Thing #25: I Come From You with Christian […]