A Funny Thing #26: Killer Moves with Jim Santangeli

This week, a 10-year-old Jim Santangeli dances face first into murder. Only by surrendering himself to the rhythm of life and summoning the ghost of Jimi Hendrix’s iconic 1967 Monterey Jazz Festival performance can he redeem himself! But will lil’ Jim go too far? Yep.

Jim told his story at the amazing Animated Stories, a monthly live storytelling show where the winning story becomes an animated film. Check out past winners and so much more. (Our favorite animated story is by SNL’s Kate McKinnon!) Go get tickets to Animated Stories!

You can catch Jim performing with The Curfew, Saturdays at 7:30 at the UCB theater in Chelsea. If you really love yourself,  give yourself a little treat and follow him on twitter @jimsantangeli. He probably won’t kill you by accident.

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A Funny Thing #26: Killer Moves with Jim Santangeli