Amy Poehler Appearing on Louie’s One-Hour Finale Tonight Is What All of Comedy Has Been Building Towards

Amy Poehler and Louis C.K. are some of the most beloved figures in modern comedy, and it’s always a momentous occasion when the two of them are together. Tonight, Poehler is guest starring on a special one-hour season finale of Louie as C.K.’s obnoxious sister who drags him along on a trip to Mexico to visit their abuelita (Spanish for grandmother). A double-length episode of Louie with guest star Amy Poehler sounds like the pinnacle of modern comedy, and once it’s done, everyone can just call it a day on this whole “doing comedy” thing because this sounds impossible to top.

Correction: Last night’s Louie was just a single half-hour episode, not a two-parter as Uproxx had reported yesterday. We apologize for any unnecessary DVRing.

Amy Poehler Appearing on Louie’s One-Hour Finale […]