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Last Night on Late Night: Britney Spears Likes Being a ‘Loony’ ‘Tyrant’ on The X Factor

Last night on Live, Britney Spears proclaimed herself a “loony” “tyrant” on The X Factor. She likes doling out the “constructive” rejections — “I wouldn’t want to waste seven years of my life when I should be a doctor,” she asserted. Plus: An NYC taxi driver refused to take Amy Adams to Queens (we feel you), and so, with proper adherence to protocol, she reported him to the Taxi and Limousine Commission. But she does not recommend that you do the same. Also, Lake Bell commands respect from her wild Children’s Hospital cast with intimidation: donning an American flag hoodie and an Axl Rose bandana from the director’s seat; and Heather Graham, after filming About Cherry, learned that directing porn is really not as straightforward as it looks. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Britney Spears Likes Being a ‘Loony’ ‘Tyrant’