Paul Scheer and Casey Wilson Have Embarrassing Moments in Life, Just Like You

Vulture and the Upright Citizens Brigade have teamed up to create a new web series called “Pop Culture Memory Lane,” in which comedians share their embarrassing stories about their relationship with entertainment in a mix of videos and animation. The series kicked off with Happy Endings star Casey Wilson telling an embarrassing story from her high school days in which she lied about being a journalist in order to hang out with a boy she liked who was an understudy in the musical Rent. Hopefully, this will be the start of a new TV show in which Casey Wilson gives teenage girls tips on how to create elaborate ruses to get close to boys, like disguising yourself as a police officer or a chimney sweep.

The second video in the series also dropped today, and it features Paul Scheer talking about almost getting carried away by two security guards after an awkward encounter with Robert Downey Jr.

Paul Scheer and Casey Wilson Have Embarrassing Moments […]