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Vamps Trailer: Clueless Plus Matthew Crawley Plus Fangs

Say you were writing a vampire movie, and you were also Amy Heckerling, and you’d managed to get both Alicia Silverstone and Wallace Shawn* to sign up for a Clueless mini-reunion. How do you cast the Paul Rudd role? Does it involve a little too much time spent reading Downton AbbeyClueless fanfic? We can only assume that a particularly imaginative message board helped inspire the casting of Dan Stevens in Vamps, Heckerling’s rom-com about two very cute bloodsuckers (Silverstone and Krysten Ritter) who must save the undead world from a way harsh Vampire Killer type (Stevens). And so Vulture would like to thank this anonymous message board, because now we know what it looks like when Matthew Crawley hangs out shirtless in a coffin. The world has been waiting for this moment. Our time is now.

* This post originally misidentified Wallace Shawn as Wallace Stevens.

Vamps Trailer: Clueless, Matthew Crawley, Fangs