‘Community’s’ First Post-Harmon Episode: A ‘Hunger Games’ Parody

When the Greendale student records seem to be lost, the Dean (Jim Rash) stages a Hunger Games-like competition to determine enrollment in a class called The History of Ice Cream. … Jeff not only competes in the games, he even performs an elaborate tango with Dean Pelton, who dons multiple dresses in the episode. “He will repulse and arouse you all at once,” notes McHale. “Mostly repulse.” McHale also offers this tease about another part of the premiere: “It is an homage to something that kids in the late ’80s and early ’90s watched on Saturday mornings.”

So, how will Community be different this season, what with show creator Dan Harmon now out of the picture? Well, one thing is clear: they aren’t abandoning the thematic episodes. The season premiere is going to be a big Hunger Games parody/tribute. Here’s what to expect:OK, sounds promising. We still have a few weeks until the October 19 premiere, so try to remain calm and keep your expectations reasonable until then.

‘Community’s’ First Post-Harmon Episode: A ‘Hunger […]