Conan Makes History with His Anti-Elisabeth Hasselbeck Constitutional Amendment

Past attempts to add a 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution have aimed to fight child labor or eliminate the inequality between men and women, but Conan O’Brien has a new proposition for a constitutional amendment that might just be more important than either of those two causes. After growing upset over Survivor runner-up Elisabeth Hasselbeck grilling President Barack Obama during an appearance on The View, Conan has proposed a new non-partisan law that would prevent reality show losers from questioning the Leader of the Free World.

Here’s the full text of Conan’s proposed 28th amendment, which you can sign at

No person or persons who have appeared on a reality television program shall be allowed to question the policies of a sitting President, unless said person or persons were the last survivor on their island, the last tenant in their house, the last chef who used only the items found in the pantry, or the last bachelorette who was handed a red rose and got to marry the douchebag.
Conan Makes History with His Anti-Elisabeth Hasselbeck […]