DreamWorks Animation Now Making Three Films a Year, Announces Twelve of Them

How to Train Your Dragon.

There’s only one Pixar, definitely. No argument. But DreamWorks Animation has put out some solid films (depending on your/your kid’s taste: AntzShrekBee MovieKung Fu Panda; depending on whether you enjoy great movies: How to Train Your Dragon), so it’s interesting to see that they’ve released a thoroughly thought-out twelve-picture release slate for the next four years. (That’s three films per year and four in 2015, compared to Pixar’s single annual effort.) Included are a Dragon sequel in 2014 and a threequel in 2016, as well as the Seth Rogen–voiced B.O.O: Bureau of Otherwordly Operations in 2015, and some intriguing titles like Happy Smekday!, The Croods, and Mumbai Musical. Now your young one has something to gear that allowance toward — but what’s it going to take to get a twelve-picture slate for our favorite grown-up film house?

DreamWorks Animation Making Three Films a Year