‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Creator Phil Rosenthal Is Working on a Food/Travel Pilot

Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal is working on a food travel pilot with American Express to eventually be brought to networks. The show will focus on Phil being showed around a city by a great chef. The pilot for example will involve Thomas Keller (who is definitely a great chef) showing Phil around London. Phil is aware of the show’s similarity to Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations but he sees one major difference: “I love him but I’m not like him — I prefer to have a reservation.”  If you’ve seen Exporting Raymond, you know this is a great idea. Phil is very funny but even funnier when he’s surrounded by a bunch of people who totally don’t understand his thing. The working title is Phil Out of Water (no it isn’t). You know like fish out of water but with his name, Phil? Oh, you do know but you still hate it?

‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Creator Phil Rosenthal Is […]