Fun Thing To Buy of the Day: Lewis Black’s ‘In God We Rust’

If you have Netflix and haven’t seen Lewis Black’s newest special, In God We Rust, you’ve missed your chance. Don’t worry, today it comes out on DVD and Blu-ray. Fans of Black’s grimacing, arm waving, furious finger-wagging, and frequent outbursts into the mic will not be disappointed. In Rust, Black characteristically raves about the absurdity of Valentine’s Day in February, the uselessness of Farmville, getting old, politics, and how a little newspaper in Wendover, Nevada wrote this about him: “He’s known for his comedy style, which often includes mental breakdowns.” Check out Lewis Black’s latest hour-long mental breakdown, er - I mean comedy special.
DVD Exclusive - LSD Time
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Fun Thing To Buy of the Day: Lewis Black’s ‘In God We […]