‘Go On’ Strong in Its Tuesday Debut, ‘The New Normal’ Does OK

NBC has started fall TV slightly early, so for at least one week they can pretend to be the kings of television once again. Their plan worked last night. Did you watch Go On and The New Normal last night? Both had moments that were good, solid, and rough. Ratings wise, Go On did quite well for itself. (That’s right, an NBC comedy doing well.) It was watched by a little over 9.5 million people, with a 3.4 rating 18-49. This was partly the result of having The Voice as its lead in, but, to its credit, Go On was able to hold a large majority of the viewers. The same could not be said for The New Normal, which lost 25% of its lead in from Go On, ending up with a 2.5 18-49 rating. The real test will be in the coming weeks when the other networks debut their shows – Fox with The New Girl and The Mindy Project, and ABC with Happy Endings and B— in Apartment 23. Do you think it will hold? Or will the masses ultimately prefer to watch adorkable girls and very pop culture literate friends over a guy with a dead wife?

‘Go On’ Strong in Its Tuesday Debut, ‘The New Normal’ […]