Harris Wittels’s Fancy Celebrity Friends Don’t Have Time for Him and His New ‘Humblebrag’ Book

As if Harris Wittels wasn’t already putting all other 20somethings to shame with his busy career as a standup, sitcom writer (splitting his time between Parks and Rec and Eastbound and Down currently), musician, and podcast personality, he can now add “author” to his overflowing resume. His new book, Humblebrag: The Art of False Modesty, hits the shelves today. It’s based on his wildly-popular Twitter feed @humblebrag, where he’s been retweeting people’s falsely-modest Twitter boasts to much acclaim. Wittels wrote and starred in this new Funny or Die trailer for the Humblebrag book, and the trailer’s a little bit of a humblebrag itself as it shows him traipsing around the Parks and Rec set to try to get his glitzy, famous costars Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, and Adam Scott to record a promo for his book, only to be told they don’t have time for him. For reals, though, I could watch Harris Wittels and Adam Scott ironically quote 90s beer ads forever.

Harris Wittels’s Fancy Celebrity Friends Don’t Have […]