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Britney Watch: Here Is Britney Screaming and Spitting on Demi Lovato

Last night’s X Factor auditions were interrupted briefly by thunder that somehow found its way into the giant arena and onto the PA system. (We are not saying it’s fake, we’re just saying that it sounds a lot like the thunder you hear on Prairie Home Companion during “Guy Noir” or whatever.) Real or not, the thunder turned out to be an inspired bit of television, because the loud noises scared the hell out of Britney Spears. And when Britney Spears gets scared, she says the F-word and makes Über-crazy faces and spews her soda all over Demi Lovato. That’s right! She spat on Demi Lovato. This is the only Britney update you need today.

Here Is Britney Spears Spitting on Demi Lovato