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Here’s the Surveillance Tape From Lindsay Lohan’s Hit-and-Run

Soon after Lindsay Lohan’s arrest yesterday, TMZ reported that a Dream Hotel surveillance tape had actually caught the alleged hit-and-run on video. Well, the NYPD has released said tape, and though a few bystanders are blocking the crucial moment in question (it happens top left, around the :10 second mark) you can at least make out the major players: a parking lot, a car, and a pair of sneakers belonging to Jose Rodriguez. The tape is slowed down, but Lindsay still appears to be driving at a reasonable speed (watch how long she waits before turning in). And this much is clear: Rodriguez was able to run after her. Pretty quickly, too! Do you still have your “Free Lindsay” signs? Are you ready to use them again?

Here Is Lindsay Lohan’s Hit-and-Run Video