‘How I Met Your Mother’ Is Going to Spend Sweeps Breaking Up

How I Met Your Mother is going to spend its first few weeks building relationships - Barney and Quinn, Ted and Victoria, Robin and Nick (Robin’s “crush”) – only to snap the bear trap shut during sweeps. HIMYM co-showrunner Craig Thomas told The Hollywood Reporter:

“We’ve shown you the end of these relationship…We know that Ted doesn’t marry Victoria, and we know that Barney doesn’t marry Quinn. We’re just sort of having to show you the path of carnage that ends these relationships. All three of these breakups will be different. That’s the goal of breakup month, to show you three different dissolution of relationships.”

They still aren’t sure if this is going to be the last season or not, but regardless it’s nice to see the show still trying to play with the format of sitcom storytelling. So what, if it’s a reeeeaaaallllll sad way to spend sweeps?

‘How I Met Your Mother’ Is Going to Spend Sweeps […]