It’s That Episode 32: LIVE! with Henry Zebrowski, David Young and Connor Ratliff

It’s a special LIVE episode of “It’s That Episode” with guests Henry Zebrowski (Murderfist), David Young (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon) and Connor Ratliff (The Stepfathers) recorded at the UCBEast Theatre. Learn about Connor getting fired by Tom Hanks from Band of Brothers, meet the love of Henry’s life from The Bad Girls Club, listen as David and Craig give director’s commentary from their time as extras on Stella, and experience the weirdest TV crossover, when Kramer was on Mad About You.

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“All of these people are kind of sad stories, but it’s like they just weeded through all of the applications for The Real World and took only the most dangerous, the people that The Real World legally couldn’t take.” – Henry Zebrowski and Craig on how they find the people that star in the show Bad Girls Club.

“The day before I was supposed to go down, I get a phone call from my agent saying: ‘Tom Hanks looked at your audition-tape and he is having second thoughts. He says you have dead eyes.’ I rush down to London to re-audition and the whole time I’m thinking I gotta show that my eyes are more alive.” – Connor Ratliff on getting fired by Tom Hanks.

If you still can’t wrap your mind around the fact that Kramer made an appearance on “Mad About You,” here’s the clip to prove it:

It’s That Episode 32: LIVE! with Henry Zebrowski, […]