It’s That Episode 33: Jay Chandrasekhar Discusses Directing ‘Arrested Development’

On “It’s That Episode” Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They discuss the episode and other crap. 

In addition to acting in and directing the majority of the Broken Lizard films, including Super Troopers and Beerfest, Jay Chandrasekhar directed some of the best TV comedies around. Jay joins Craig Rowin to discuss “Justice is Blind,” one of the many episodes of Arrested Development that he directed. Get your Arrested Development fix then listen as Jay explains why his group Broken Lizard has thrived since college. Jay also talks about his role in one of Jackass’ best pranks ever, and reminisces about working with the late Michael Clarke Duncan on the set of The Slammin’ Salmon.

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It’s That Episode 33: Jay Chandrasekhar Discusses […]