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Jeremy Sisto Played Jack in Kate Winslet’s Titanic Screen Test

Pass through the gates of James Cameron’s minute-long invocation here and enjoy a Titanic screen test with Kate Winslet as Rose acting opposite Clueless star Jeremy Sisto as Jack. Seeing a Leoless love blossoming is off-putting enough — add the golden soap opera lighting and the intermittently blurting musical score for the weirdness to ratchet one level higher, and then just consider the fact that you’re seeing the eventual star of films like Bongwater, Trash, Dead Dog, and Robbing ‘Hef almost receiving a spot that ended up going to one of our biggest movie stars. (Christian Bale also reportedly came close to getting the role over DiCaprio, too. Never forget.)

Jeremy Sisto Was Jack for a Titanic Screen Test