Jimmy Fallon and the Cast of ‘Guys with Kids’ Sing Sitcom Theme Songs to Promote Their New Sitcom (and Theme Song)

Jimmy Fallon produced and co-created the new NBC sitcom Guys with Kids, so last night he had the show’s three stars, Anthony Anderson, Zach Cregger, and Jesse Bradford, join him on Late Night for a medley of classic sitcom theme songs like Cheers, Friends, and, um, Sanford and Son, which doesn’t have any words but that didn’t stop these four. Jimmy Fallon and the guys’ nostalgia for an era when sitcom theme songs were more common is a lot of fun, and they’re happy to announce that Guys with Kids also has an old-fashioned theme song, which Fallon wrote and sang. They seem to be working harder to promote Guys with Kids’ theme song than the show itself, but as long as the Guys with Kids theme song gets high ratings, NBC should be satisfied.

Jimmy Fallon and the Cast of ‘Guys with Kids’ Sing […]