Judd Apatow and Paul Feig Don’t Want a ‘Freaks and Geeks’ Movie

Producers Judd Apatow and Paul Feig sat down with the folks at Entertainment Weekly for a delightful chat about their much-adored series Freaks and Geeks. When asked about the possibility of a Freaks and Geeks reunion a la its unfairly-cancelled TV brethren Arrested Development, Apatow and Feig both seemed pretty opposed to the idea in fear that it would harm the legacy of the show, which is a totally noble and valid standpoint. You hear that Internet nerds? Don’t pressure these guys into compromising their artistic integrity by demanding a Freaks and Geeks movie with your petitions, flash mobs, and general well-intentioned-but-misguided enthusiasm.

Here’s Apatow and Feig talking about why they don’t want a movie:

So the Arrested Development group is getting back together to produce some new episodes and a movie. Any thought of reuniting the Freaks and the Geeks for a movie update, or is that too difficult considering the era the show took place in and how different it would have to be now?FEIG: I find it scary. I mean it could be great, but if it’s anything less than great, then it just waters down the memory of the rest of the show. For some reason that becomes the last thing you’ve done, and I always feel like if you don’t get it right it erases the memory of what came before it. But I don’t know. If we came up with a great idea, who knows?APATOW: I love the question mark at the end of the series, so I never want to know more than that. It is the reason why you don’t want to find out what happened, like when they got off the bus in The Graduate.FEIG: That’s so true.APATOW: That’s the main reason why it doesn’t feel interesting to do. But whenever we see any of the actors together, they have just such ridiculous chemistry that you could tell you could put them in any situation and they would be really interesting to watch, and sparks would fly. So there’s a chance I’m just completely wrong.
Judd Apatow and Paul Feig Don’t Want a ‘Freaks and […]