Kate Hudson Is Going to Make the Most of This Glee Appearance

Professionally, it has been a rocky few years for Kate Hudson, who spiraled down from the critically reviled Bride Wars and Nine into a cancer rom-com that required her to dance at her own New Orleans jazz funeral while Whoopi Goldberg–as-God looked on. (Retroactive A Little Bit of Heaven spoiler alert. Sorry.) She’s in kind of a reset phase career-wise, and as such has scheduled a three-episode arc on Glee, to remind audiences she can do more than sit on a fluffy dream sequence cloud and ponder the meaning of love. (That also happened in A Little Bit of Heaven. It was quite the film.) Below is early clip from Hudson’s guest run — she plays an instructor at NYADA, Rachel’s fancy new art school — and though it’s only a three-minute dance sequence, this much is clear: Kate Hudson is trying. She is more than trying — she is strutting and circle-clapping and putting Gwyneth Paltrow’s robot moves to shame. There is still an annoying Glee mash-up to contend with (Glee: stop that!), and she will not be subbing in for Adele on any future tours, but this is a not a bad look for Hudson. It might even be good.

Kate Hudson Is Going to Make the Most of Glee