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Last Night on Late Night: Jimmy Kimmel Called Out Keanu Reeves on His Hippie Musings

Last night on Live, Jimmy Kimmel snapped Keanu Reeves out of the philosophical musings that had prompted the actor’s documentary on the digital revolution, Side by Side. “What is the cloud?,” Keanu waxed poetically. “Where is the idea of the materiality of things?” We later found out though, Keanu embraces the ethereal technology of Skype. Plus: Daniel Day-Lewis had gone so Method for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter that Stephen Spielberg was addressing him as “Mr. President” even between takes. Joseph Gordon Levitt, however, was spared the full-scale formality. He called Day-Lewis “Sir,” as any good antebellum son would. Also, Emily Deschanel used to torture Zooey with threats of extraterrestrial body possessions; and Kirstie Alley believes a poorly endowed man should come with a disclaimer, not braggadocio. For instance, he should not slither out a “Tell daddy what baby wants.” Because “baby wants something bigger than a cheap eraser.” Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Keanu Reeves, Still A Hippie Savant