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Exclusive: Obama’s Anger Translator Responds to Clint Eastwood

Photo: Comedy Central

Remember when President Obama was asked about Clint Eastwood’s pantomime at the Republican National Convention, and he ever so graciously said, “I am a huge Clint Eastwood fan”? Fortunately with the help of the president’s Anger Translator, Luther, we now know what he really meant: “Clint muthafuckin’ Eastwood. We aint’ done talkin’ about that yet! … Oh by the way, thank you for Ohio. Why don’t you give another speech, brother. I might win Texas.” Check out Vulture’s exclusive clip from Comedy Central’s Key & Peele (season two premieres Sept. 26) to hear the president’s real thoughts on the performances of Bill Clinton (“Worst wingman ever”) and wife Michelle Obama (“Your booty, I could have taken a bite out of it.”) And good luck to you this fall, Jay Pharoah!

Obama’s Anger Translator on Clint Eastwood