Left Handed Radio: ‘Grow Up!’

On this episode: Tammy’s Tavern but a suds & foam machine, an immortal must face his financial instability, two dudes accidentally have phone sex, the Big and Tall Mall on DePaul, “My Turn” with Rich Ditchbauer, Bane takes a stab at VO work, an art museum docent goes for the hard sell on the Degas, Dateline’s Steve Morris can’t believe the Blue Bluffs Killer is for real, a doctor can’t bring himself to give bad news to an already bald man, Socrates overdoes it, and the principal forgets a very important announcement.

This month’s show was written and performed by Adam Bozarth, Dan Chamberlain, Matt Little, and Anna Rubanova with Jeremy Bent, Jason Saenz, Kathy Salerno, and Brett White and our special guests Jon BershadEric Gersen, Brandon Gulya, Michael HartneySilvija Ozols, and Zhubin Parang.

Theme music by Dan Warren. Check out his podcast, The International House of Dancakes.

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Left Handed Radio: ‘Grow Up!’