Left Handed Radio: The Sequel Machine – ‘Dark Knight 4’

Every month, The Sequel Machine recruits 25 writers to write the sequels for film’s biggest franchises one page at a time. The catch is, the writers only get to read the page before theirs in a round-robin, exquisite corpse style. The end result is a hilarious, twisted, and as coherent as any misquided Hollywood sequel. This month: Dark Knight 4.

Performed by: Adam Bozarth, Dan Chamberlain, Matt Little, Anna Rubanova, Jeremy Bent, Michael Hartney, Kevin Hines, Jim Santangeli, and Brett White

See the next Sequel Machine show live: 9thmare on Elm Street. UCB Theatre East, 3rd Street & Avenue A. Thursday, October 4th, 11:00 PM.

Script produced by Brett White and Matt Little.

Written by: Adam Bozarth, Brett White, Anna Rubanova, Dave Bluvband, John Freiler, Taylor Moore, Katey Healy-Wurzburg, John Timothy, Matt Little, Lee Rubenstein, Jason Saenz, Mike Scollins, Matt Braunsdorf, Brandon Gulya, Benjamin Apple, Daniel Mirk, Erik Tanouye, Kirk Damato, Chris Principe, Alex Zalben, Matt Mayer, Jon Gabrus, Justin Tyler, and Joe Berkowitz

Opening act: Katey Healy-Wurzburg

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Left Handed Radio: The Sequel Machine – ‘Dark Knight 4’