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Let’s Discuss the New Downton Abbey Trailer!

Photo: ITV

Today, finally, came word that the third season of Downton Abbey will premiere on September 16 — in the U.K., for law-abiding British citizens only. The poor souls stuck in the New World will have to make do with a brand-new trailer, which Vulture will now parse obsessively, as has become our custom. Good news: The servants are back!

Whose artfully discarded wedding veil is that?
Thanks to the dedicated souls on Fleet Street (and the loose lips of certain Downton producers), we know that two weddings will take place this season. Presumably, at least one of those weddings will go at least marginally wrong, because this is a television show and also because that headless veil is a tad ominous. You can almost see Mary chucking it over a balcony post-fight with Matthew. (No, let’s be real, it’s probably Edith whose wedding gets ruined. Poor Edith.)

Are you ready to like Thomas?
Or, are you ready to empathize with him because you too have an unrequited crush on the hot new footman changing into his dressing gown in the cupboard under the staircase? Discuss.

Look, Bates is smiling.
Just wanted to point out that extremely uncommon occurrence. (We’d also bet that at least one of those smile-inducing letters contains false hope for Bates and his legal situation, but that is less surprising.)

Look, Matthew and Mary are making out!
And Mary is in a nightgown. We are so close. 

Did Sybil run away from Ireland?
It sure looks like Branson rolls up to Downton alone. And why else would Sybil and her husband be tearfully reuniting in the Great Hall? Follow up: Does any of the above matter once you see them cuddling in bed?

Did Ethel get traded to the cast of Les Misérables?
We’re picking up on some serious Thénardier whorehouse vibes here. Baby’s cute, though!

Let’s Discuss the New Downton Abbey Trailer!