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Your Sunday Long Reads: Ariel Pink, Salman Rushdie, and the Fate of Kim’s Video

Ariel Pink.

It’s Sunday afternoon, or: your last chance to read all that stuff you meant to read last week before Monday brings a new deluge of things you will want to read. Below, some of our recommendations:

Ariel Pink,” by Andy Beta (Pitchfork): Checking in on Los Angeles’s “pop charlatan” who — after a nearly ten year career — has managed to become a breaking artist who’s also a touchstone to a whole generation of modern musicians.” 

The Disappeared: How the fatwa changed a writer’s life,” by Salman Rushdie (The New Yorker): The author recalls the day he learned (via BBC reporter) that the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini had, basically, written his death sentence. 

The Strange Fate of Kim’s Video,” by Karina Longworth (The Village Voice): What actually happened when one of New York’s biggest and best video collections got shipped to a little town in Sicily. 

Richard Gere on Obama disappointment,” by Andrew O’Hehir (Salon): Even if you’re not interested in the actor’s take on foreign policy, there’s some stuff in here about his role as “a blend of Bernie Madoff, Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton” in the upcoming Arbitrage.

Jeff Tweedy on his privacy, the music industry, and the future of Wilco,” by Marah Eakin (AV Club): The Wilco frontman answers some reader-submitted questions about the interview’s titular topics and his son’s 3,600 Twitter followers. 

For more in-depth weekend readings, visit our friends at Longreads.

Long Reads: Ariel Pink, Rushdie, and Kim’s Video