‘Luxury’ Video: Azealia Banks Has Roof Access Now

The last time that Azealia Banks was bopping around in black and white, it was in a random Montreal alley, for a little video called “212.” (Maybe you’ve heard of it?) Now, of course, Azealia is a name, with a (long-delayed) record due in February, and so she has the video locations to prove it. In the case of “Luxury,” Banks locked down a fancy Brooklyn roof with a full view of the New York skyline, along with a couple backup dancers who are slightly more trained than that Harry Potter kid. Also: suspenders, because that nineties look is still her thing. While we’re on the subject of highly stylized music videos from ascendant female performers, please go check out A*M*E’s “Play the Game Boy.” It is nuts, in the best way.

‘Luxury’ Video: Azealia Banks Has Roof Access