Marnie Gets a Mom on ‘Girls’, ‘Community’ Beefs Up Nerd Cred, ‘30 Rock’ Lands an Olympic Swimmer, and More Casting Things

- The seemingly perfect Rita Wilson will be on Girls next season as the mom of the seemingly perfect Marnie.

- Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer will play a rabid Inspector Spacetime fan on Community. She will befriend Abed at a convention. Befriend? Sounds more like befallinlovewith.

- Nick Zano, who had a goatee on 2 Broke Girls last season, will appear in at least six episodes of Happy Endings next year as the dude Penny uses to get over Dave.

- Good-looking swimmer/bonehead Ryan Lochte will have a cameo on 30 Rock next season.

- Geoff Stults (aka the guy they get when Josh Duhamel is busy) will play Kate’s love interest on Ben and Kate.

- Stand-up Tone Bell has joined Whitney as a series regular. He’ll play a bartender at the bar Whitney and co. go to so often that its bartender is a series regular.

Marnie Gets a Mom on ‘Girls’, ‘Community’ Beefs Up […]