Watch Leighton Meester Blow Off Allison Janney in an Exclusive Clip of The Oranges

When families become friends there’s a natural order of sub-friendships. Dads hang with dads, moms with moms, daughters with daughters, and so on. In The Oranges, this steady balance is disturbed when one dad (Hugh Laurie) starts sleeping with his best friend’s daughter (Leighton Meester). The simple act of betrayal upends the normally peaceful world of a bunch of rich white people (Oliver Platt, Allison Janney, Catherine Keener) as they cope with knowledge of the couple’s lewd acts. This exclusive clip shows what life was like before they consummated their affair, when Meester was an impulsive kid getting engaged to a photographer and Laurie was bored with everything around him. The Oranges comes out October 5.

Meester And Janney in a Clip of The Oranges