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Meet the Man Who Told Fiona Apple to Shut Up and Sing

Perhaps you read yesterday’s Hudspeth County Jail press statement and wanted to know more about Rusty Fleming, the letter’s feisty author. Or maybe you read it and started counting down the hours until the inevitable Hudspeth County Jail reality show. In either case, you will be interested in the below video, in which Mr. Fleming himself calls into the TMZ television show and continues his campaign to become more famous that Fiona Apple. (Or, by his account, to stay more famous than Fiona Apple.) Rusty here is really zeroing in the “shut up and sing” catchphrase, which should become useful once his television show needs a title; otherwise, there is nothing very new of note, besides the revelation that jail is unlike The Four Seasons. He sure has attitude, though. That letter was written from the heart.

Meet the Man Who Told Fiona to Shut Up and Sing