Meet the Supporting Cast of Stephen Merchant’s ‘Hello Ladies’

Hello Ladies is Stephen Merchant’s HBO sitcom about Stephen wanting to be super cool and part of LA’s social scene of gorgeous perfect people. His supporting cast will be made up a lot of actors that evoke the reaction of, “Oh yeah, that person.” Christine Woods (Perfect Couples, FlashFoward) will play Jessica, a platonic friend of Stephen’s character who lives in his guest house. Nate Torrence (She’s Out of My League, Studio 60) will play Wade, Stephen’s best friend who is unhappily forced to join Stephen in the LA dating world, after his wife leaves him. Kevin Weisman (Alias) will play Kives. (Yes, he’s named Kives. What’s that? That’s not a real name? You’re not a real name.) Stephen doesn’t like Kives because he somehow is able to woo the woman despite being annoying. Man, all Kives are exactly the same.

Meet the Supporting Cast of Stephen Merchant’s ‘Hello […]