Watch Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron in an Exclusive Scene From The Paperboy

Nicole Kidman is not afraid to go there for director Lee Daniels in The Paperboy (October 5), whether that means she’ll be simulating an orgasm in a crowded prison meeting room or peeing on costar Zac Efron in the film’s most already-notorious moment. Vulture’s got an exclusive, nearly three-minute scene from the sexually charged crime drama (which also stars Matthew McConaughey), and in it, Kidman’s lusty white-trash character Charlotte Bless waxes rhapsodic to Efron about the death row criminal (John Cusack) she believes she’s meant to marry. She can sense his “good vibrations” even from the prison parking lot, and as she grows more and more aroused by the thought, Efron can’t look away … and neither can the audience. Enjoy!

See Kidman and Efron’s Exclusive Paperboy Clip