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Stoker Trailer: Nicole Kidman’s a Mean Mom, But Have You Met Uncle Charlie?

It’s hard to tell who Mia Wasikowska should be more afraid of in Stoker: her viper of a mother (Nicole Kidman), who spits at her, “I can’t wait to watch life tear you apart,” or her visiting Uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode), who may be a killer. We’d probably be more freaked out by Kidman, to judge from this trailer, and in any case, the preternaturally still Wasikowska seems more intrigued than turned off by her uncle’s murderous predilections. As scripted by Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller and directed by Park Chan-wook, Stoker seems like a high-style take on Hitchcock’s classic Shadow of a Doubt. And we’re totally in.

See Nicole Kidman in the Eerie Stoker Trailer