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Stand Up Guys Trailer: Pacino and Walken Are Grumpy Old Hit Men

A hangover is even more powerful when you get older … or at least, that’s what a clutch of over-the-hill A-listers are banking on as they prep a pair of AARP takes on The Hangover. Late next year we’ll get the debauched Last Vegas, with Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, and Morgan Freeman, but coming in January is Stand Up Guys, where Al Pacino gets out of jail, meets up with friends Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin, and decides to mark his freedom with a drugs-and-dames bender. Complicating matters: Walken is actually supposed to kill off Pacino, but who’d want to interrupt this party with something that messy? Fortunately, all three actors seem to be keeping their go-big tendencies in check, despite the premise … could they pull this off?

See Pacino and Walken’s Stand Up Guys Trailer