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Greetings From Tim Buckley Trailer: Penn Badgley Sings As Jeff Buckley

Penn Badgley: apparently polarizing? Y’all seemed to have some strong opinions on the Gossip Girl actor, to judge by the flood of comments on our recent, freewheeling interview with him, but for now, let’s leave Gossip Girl behind (as Badgley would want) and focus on his latest endeavor, Greetings From Tim Buckley. A sales trailer has emerged for the Toronto Film Fest movie, and it gives you a sustained look at Badgley’s performance as ethereal crooner Jeff Buckley, complete with some high-note singing at the end. This isn’t a normal, polished studio trailer, since the movie doesn’t even have distribution yet, but when it comes to sampling Badgley as Buckley, just call it the EP. (Related: After watching, read New York magazine writer Chris Smith’s fascinating 1994 profile of Buckley for extra pre-movie insight on the singer.)

See Penn Badgley’s Jeff Buckley Movie Trailer