Watch Richard Gere and Brit Marling Fight in an Exclusive Arbitrage Clip

Yes, Nicholas Jarecki’s suspenseful drama Arbitrage (out in theaters and on VOD this Friday) is set in the upper echelons of the finance world, but if you’re expecting some sort of chilly, cold-blooded tale about the filthy rich, you haven’t pressed play on this fiery exclusive clip that features Richard Gere and Brit Marling in a brutal shouting match. Gere stars in Arbitrage as a billionaire hedge fund manager who’s desperately trying to keep his family in the dark about his recent misdeeds, which at first are only financial, but later include a death he’s attempting to sweep under the rug. Eventually, his heir apparent daughter (played by Marling) begins to catch on to Gere’s shady dealings, and when she confronts him about it … well, just see what happens. And if you’re at work right now, you’d better turn down your speakers, lest your boss wonder who’s screaming at whom.

See Richard Gere in an Exclusive Arbitrage Clip