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Beautiful Creatures Trailer: What Hath Edward and Bella Wrought?

After the looming release of Breaking Dawn - Part 2, we may be done with Twilight movies, but we’re sure not done with the films that franchise has inspired. The upcoming movies hoping to channel that Edward-and-Bella box-office magic run the gamut from The Mortal Instruments (which suggests a cross between Twilight and another lucrative franchise, Harry Potter) to Fifty Shades of Grey (which famously began as Twilight fan fiction), and the first out of the gate will be Beautiful Creatures. It’s based on a YA franchise that seems to flip the central Twilight premise — now the guy (Alden Ehrenreich) is the normal one, who swoons for a magic, potentially dangerous classmate (Alice Englert) — and stuffs it full of quality supporting actors like Viola Davis, Emma Thompson, and Jeremy Irons. But can Beautiful Creatures prove as immortal as the franchise that seemed to sire it?

See the Twilight-y Beautiful Creatures Trailer