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Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Trailer: Jeremy Renner Goes Into the Woods

It was hard not to feel sorry for Jeremy Renner during The Avengers; his Hawkeye did not exactly get a prime slice of the plot, and he was stuck with a dinky (but trendy) bow and arrow. The weapon situation got a major upgrade in Bourne, but he had to spend the whole movie chasing down chems, and he didn’t really get to enjoy the new arsenal. So you’d think that Renner, presented with a giant old-timey chest full of guns and a backstory in which he has full use of his brain, would be excited about the opportunity to shoot up some witches in true Action-Star Style.  For some reason, at least in the trailer for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunter, he does not seem so thrilled. Maybe Jeremy Renner has a deep and abiding affection for creepy wood-dwelling creatures? Maybe he and Gemma Arterton just had a fight over who got to wear which pirate shirt? Maybe they just gave him a preview of that CGI? In any case, the search for Happy Jeremy Renner continues.

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