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Smashed Trailer: Mary Elizabeth Winstead Quits Booze, Aaron Paul Does … Not

Not 30 seconds into the trailer for Smashed, Mary Elizabeth Winstead announces that things got so bad last night, “I ended up smoking crack.” Cut to a shocked Aaron Paul, who plays Winstead’s husband and who, for the purposes of this film, has no business with scary drugs — only booze, and lots of it. This becomes (even more) of a problem when Winstead’s character decides to quit drinking, and Paul’s character keeps chugging wine at the dinner table. Smashed earned raves for both actors at Sundance, and if that is not enough of an enticement, it also features Nick Offerman in a sweater-vest. Nick Offerman in a sweater-vest! Get to it already.

Smashed Trailer: Aaron Paul Switches to Booze