Exclusive The Sessions Clip: John Hawkes and William H. Macy Talk About Sex

Ben Lewin’s really quite lovely dramedy The Sessions opens next month in theaters (where it should prove to be a significant awards season contender), but ahead of that, it’s got one more festival stopover in Toronto this week, and Vulture’s got an exclusive clip to boot. The Sessions stars John Hawkes in this true-life tale about a handicapped man who’s determined to hire a “sex surrogate” (played by Helen Hunt) to finally relieve him of his virginity … but what exactly is a sex surrogate, and how is that different than a prostitute? That’s what William H. Macy wants to know, at least; he plays a priest that Hawkes confides in, and for a man of the cloth, Macy’s awfully sympathetic to this truly unusual predicament. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more on the movie as we near its October release date.

See Macy and Hawkes in Exclusive Sessions Clip