This Is My Last Headline as Splitsider’s Associate Editor and It’s Too Long

Starting soon after the posting of this post, I will be departing as your Associate Editor, my dear Splitsider reader. It has been a pure joy to be the vessel from which you got your Arrested Development news.  Thank you for being nice and indulging my 50%+ pretentious musings, ham/hamm puns, and general silliness. (Also thanks for indulging my use of the word “silly.”) I leave you in the very able hands of Adam and Bradford Evans, who you might know from all over this site. I’ll be popping my head in every once and a while, so calm down people who’ve already started rioting out of sadness. (Sad Riot is a good band name for THE WORST band.) Until then, you can follow me on Twitter at @JesseDavidFox or at any dog park in the Greenpoint/North Williamsburg area.

Jesse David Fox is a writer, cat person, and Jew (in that order). He lives in Brooklyn. He’s signing off.

This Is My Last Headline as Splitsider’s Associate […]