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New Les Miserables Video: Is This Our Oscar Front-runner?

If this Oscar season seems a little unsettled to you, there may be three reasons for that: (1) It’s still freakin’ September (we admit this!), (2) The closest thing to an awards juggernaut produced by Cannes and Toronto this year is the comparatively modest Silver Linings Playbook, a crowd-pleasing comedy, and (3) We have yet to see Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, which feels the most Oscar-friendly contender on paper. But. But! Here is a new four and a half minute video on Les Miserables, and we’re starting to wonder if we had the wrong front-runner pegged. This film, and this video … they kind of have it all. Crying! Singing! “On My Own”! Innovative musical filmmaking! Russell Crowe glowering in a silly hat (on set) and a silly hoodie (off set)! And let’s not forget, this isn’t director Tom Hooper’s first time at the Oscar rodeo. Lincoln, we love you, fingers crossed, you’ve got Adam Driver and everything, but Les Miz may have just snagged your pole position.

Les Miz Video: Is This Our Oscar Frontrunner?