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Horror Mavens Ti West and Eli Roth Will Team Up for Something Spooky or Gory — Possibly Both

Roth and West

Ti West, director of the slow-burning horror films House of the Devil and The Innkeepers (as well as one of the segments in the recently released on VOD Sundance hit V/H/S), will be working with Hostel helmer Eli Roth on his next film The Sacrament, according to Variety. Though a plot summary has yet to be released, the movie (which Roth will produce), is set to begin filming this month. With West known for building tension and not containing much gore in his films and Roth known for showing too much gore, it’ll be interesting to see if they split the difference here. (Ti West also directed the sequel to Roth’s breakout film, Cabin Fever, though he has since disowned that work, so unpleased was he with the final product.)

Ti West, Eli Roth Will Team Up for Horror Flick