‘Labrador’ Video: Jon Hamm Tricks Aimee Mann Into a ‘Voices Carry’ Remake

First things first: Everyone go back and watch (or: watch for the first time, no judgment) “Voices Carry,” the 1985 ‘Til Tuesday video starring one very young Aimee Mann. Once you’ve finished your homework, you are allowed to watch the video for “Labrador” (off Mann’s most recent album, Charmer), which will suddenly look very familiar. As in, it is a shot-for-shot remake of the original “Voices Carry” video — except! Actual video director Tom Scharpling recruited Jon Hamm to play fake video director Tom Scharpling in a bit before the video, meaning we are all treated to a minute of Jon Hamm sporting a bad mustache and saying words like “collambrotive.” Shouts also to Superchunk drummer (and Scharpling’s comedy partner) Jon Wurster, who plays the music-video actor with cheesy gusto, and to Ted Leo for that wig. Watch closely; you’ll see it. 

And here’s the original, just in case:

Watch Aimee Mann’s ‘Voices Carry’ Remake