‘Who’ Video: David Byrne and St. Vincent Do Some Roadkill Dancing

Remember that scene in the Notebook when Ryan Gosling makes Rachel McAdams lie down in the middle of the street, and they watch the traffic light change until a car almost runs them over, and then they slow dance to “I’ll Be Seeing You?”  Right! Well, the video for “Who,” from David Byrne and St. Vincent’s much-anticipated collaborative album, is kind of like that — except there’s no street light, and Annie Clark seems to be under the influence of a zombie possum who keeps making her play dead.  And at one point David Byrne runs off to collect (or steal?) some groceries.  Also, and most important, the dancing is magnificently bizarre, as is always the case when Byrne is involved. Related: You saw that Love this Giant is streaming on NPR, right? It is!

Watch David Byrne and St. Vincent’s ‘Who’ Video