‘Night Light’ Video: Jessie Ware, Leg-Dancing, Mesh Hats

“My mom offers to pay me money every week to take it out. I say no just to spite her. I’m sure I am going to have to take it out soon because I am not a teenager. But I quite like fighting my mom still — and she keeps offering me more and more money. I’m just going to see how high I can take it.” That is breakout U.K. soul singer Jessie Ware talking to Pitchfork on the subject of her nose ring; we mention it here because it is charming, and also because the nose ring is once again on display in the video for “Night Light,” off her debut album Devotion. Also featured: human-sized sock puppets, waterless synchronized swimming, curtain dancing, mesh cloche hats, and general coolness. Actually, Jessie Ware is cool enough at this point that she could probably accept the thousand quid from her mom and just roll without a nose ring. But we support the attitude.

Watch Jessie Ware’s ‘Night Light’ Video