‘30 Rock’ Chatlog Recap: ‘Governor Dunston’

Halle: Okay, just finished. Another great episode!

Emmy: For real!

Emmy: The Bob Dunston plotline (in which Tracy bares a striking resemblance to new buffoonish Republican Vice Presidential nominee Bob Dunston) is genius.

Halle: AGREED! I was momentarily nervous that they were going to bring back Palin, but I should have known better than to underestimate them

Halle: And their meta commentary on the insanity that comes out of politician’s mouths

Emmy: What, the chili?

Halle: lol, yes. And the concept that the show literally does not have to write lines for Tracy. They just use REALITY. “There are nine types of legitimate rape. One-a Halloween party.”

Emmy: Oh that. yes.

Emmy: It reminded me a bit of Kenan Thompson’s Jimmy McMillan impression on Weekend Update last year, where it seemed like a lot of it was taken verbatim.

Halle: Haha, oh yeah! Good memory.

Emmy: no, I just really love Jimmy McMillan.

Halle: Hahaaahaha.

Halle: May the history books remember The Rent Is Too Damn High party.

Emmy: Amen.

Emmy: Calling Romney a merman was also great.

Emmy: “Romney’s not a merman. He doesn’t live under the sea… oh, Mormon? That’s crazy.”

Halle: Oh god, that’s good. That’s some good stuff.

Emmy: oh yeah

Emmy: I’d highlight that (organizational porn reference. :-/ )

Halle: oh yeah, let’s discuss Liz’s sex problem for a minute

HalleI mean…the woman sure hates sex!

Halle: I know they tried to explain that away with the episode where she roller skated into a poster and her mom yelled at her, but come on.

Halle: How awful could sex with James Marsden possibly be?

Emmy: He is dreamy.

Halle: Can we talk about his hair for a second? Is that what his hair actually looks like?

Emmy: He’s graying a little, it looks like?

Halle: Yeah, it was rill, rill hot.

Emmy: Uh huh

Halle: I did appreciate that Tina Fey got a little sexy when she first realized she had to organize sex (in order that her ovulation schedule could mesh with TGS’ new five-day-a-week schedule.)

Halle: Rather than ONLY treating sex like a grueling chore.

Emmy: Yeah, she has a wild side.

Halle: The Staples slow jam sequence was…excellent. “Where do you think you are, Officemax?”

Emmy: It was

Halle: Especially when Liz jammed a highlighter in Criss’s mouth, which I took to be a call back to that episode when they joke about being in a gay porno…and Liz takes things a little too far.http://worldofwonder.net/posts/2012/04/20/liz-and-criss-act-out-a-gay-porno/

Emmy: Ha! I missed this one.

Emmy: But, let there be wite-out gifs!

Halle: Oh please!

Halle: If I only understood how to make GIFs!

Emmy: Also now that the VP debates are on, I’m doubly happy they said Paul Ryan was born in Kenya.

Halle: Ha! Yes. But truly, I think the Kenneth plotline was the best

Halle: We’ve heard so much about his mom’s boyfriend Ron, and now here he is! Bryan Cranston is a gem. “Do you know Evil Knievel’s motorcycle picture?”

Halle: Someone should make a supercut of all the details we’ve heard about Ron.

Halle Not me, because I don’t know what that is, but someone!

Emmy: Hahaha yes. Yeah, that was satisfying

Halle: And I loved how blithe Catherine O’Hara was about the fact that Kenneth spoke as a newborn/is “an immortal being who’s name if you heard it would make you lose your mind.”

Emmy: Yeah, they’ve always hinted he’s not a real person

Halle: I hope he ascends into heaven in the series finale. Or attacks New York. One or the other.

Emmy: Haha!

Halle: I also liked Kenneth’s mom’s view on Obamacare: “Let me die in an emergency room of a treatable disease like an American.

Halle: Any other lines/moments you liked?

Emmy:  OH


Halle: So perfect, and such a great callback to his character. “It’s an Old Spanish. Is that not a thing?”

Emmy: It does sound like a thing.

Halle: “I became a lobbyist, so I would just hang out in hotel lobbies.”

Emmy: Oh, it ended on a cliffhanger. (If Tracy’s Dunston impression boosts ratings, it ruins Jack’s plan to tank NBC but helps Liz’s hyper-organized sex schedule and Mitt Romney. Without Tracy, NBC continues to tank, but so does Liz’s baby-making plans. )

Emmy: Predictions? I bet the show will do well

Halle: Agreed. The show is going to blow up and be successful, and Liz will figure out some other way to fuck

Emmy: Hahah. Yes, yes

Halle: Or Criss will break up with her, because she screamed “I hate you” when he was playing her a song.

Emmy: Can’t blame her

Halle: Aw, I’m sympathetic to Criss’ lameness

Halle: Though Jenna’s “Balls” song is really my jam.

Halle: It’s like when The Onion wrote a post about the song “Booty Wave,” and then I had it stuck in my head for eight months.

Emmy: That video was amazing, and so legitimately catchy.

Halle: Thanks so much Emmy. You are dabomb.net.

Emmy: And you are dabiz.org.

Emmy: Balls out! (That’s my sign off)

Halle:  Aaaaaaaand here’s Booty Wave, the dubstep remix.

Halle Kiefer, Taylor Moore, and Emmy Blotnick are three comedians who’ve formed a hive mind to bring you 30 Rock recaps for the last season of the show. Taylor was unavailable today.

‘30 Rock’ Chatlog Recap: ‘Governor Dunston’